5 (NON SPAMMY) Influencer Outreach Templates You Can Use to Directly Contact Targeted Influencers And Distribution Partners

How will you reach out to your targeted distribution partners and influencers? 

The key is to remember that influencers want to make money! 

So the trick to getting their attention is to focus on how you can make that happen for them. 

Make direct contact

To grow your network of influencers and distribution partners, get used to contacting them directly. 

Direct message them on their social media accounts, email them, call them if you can… It’s the fastest way to make immediate contact and present your offer. Just don’t spam them! 

If you choose an influencer relevant to your sector, they will likely hear you out. Remember, they want to make money too!

Hiring Influencers is like any kind of hiring!

They are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them so demonstrate that your partnership is beneficial to their brand too.  

So before you contact them…  

  1. Make sure you have an offer that’s competitive
  2. Negotiate the terms of your collaboration  
  3. Be prepared to support them and nurture the ongoing relationship 

Here are 5 outreach templates to get you started! 

  1. Direct Message (DM) Template for Influencer Outreach

Hi! I’ve been following your content and love your posts about [TOPICS/PRODUCTS]. I’d love to talk to you about a sponsored post campaign for us. Are you available for a quick chat this week? I’m available at [CONTACT INFORMATION] 

  1. Sending A Sample (informal DM)

Hey there!

I love the work that you have been doing on [INSERT PLATFORM HERE]. We’re in the same space, have you had a chance to check out our page? We’ve been growing faster than ever and would like to send you a sample as a bit of appreciation for what you’re doing! Let me know 🙂  

  1. Asking For Rates (Informal DM)

Hey [NAME], I really  love the flow of your posts. I think your account is awesome and I always look forward to sharing your content. I’d love to work with you and I was wondering how much you charge for featured posts and how long they will stay posted on your page. I think that my [INSERT PRODUCT] would be a great fit in your [TIMELINE/FEED/STORY] Let me know! Thanks 🙂

  1. General Outreach (Informal Email)

To whom it may concern,

I follow your page [INSERT PAGE NAME/BRAND/PERSON] and I see that you are doing featured posts. I’d like to know if you have any open slots available for the month of [ENTER MONTH]. 

Please let me know what your rates are if you have any availability. 

You can reach me at [CONTACT INFORMATION] 

Kind regards,


  1. Joint Venture / Strategic Partnership (Informal DM/Email)  

Hi [NAME],

Would you be open to a Joint Venture promotion? I think your [ACCOUNT NAME] is awesome, particularly that post about [QUICK REFERENCE]. We have similar audiences and I know that we can serve your audience in a non-competitive but profitable way for the both of us. Would you be open to discussing some options I have in mind? 



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