8 Steps to Launching Your Influencer (as Affiliates) Marketing Campaign

Ok I’ll be honest – they are actually 20 steps but I’m going to group them into 8 for easier reading 🙂 

These 8 steps should help you prepare properly and avoid having your launch channel fail saving you from a monumental headache (trust me, you want to cover these or it can get messy).

So, to put this into context… In my recent blog articles I talked about what you should be looking at when:  

1) evaluating whether you had a good ‘deal’ and your offer is solid 

2) whether it had the right ‘structure’ 

3) if it could be positioned to be ‘scaled’ up 

If you haven’t read those articles, I’d highly encourage you doing so before going over the points I’m about to explain here. 

This is the 4th and final stage of my 4 step evaluation process called the DSSD method which stands for Deal, Structure, Scale and Distribute. I discuss this all extensively in my book which you can get here.

Step 1: Prepare – Get into the right mindset and manage your expectations

By this point, we should be on the same page. Now, it’s time to take your first steps. I explained that this is not a get-rich-quick program because there’s work you need to put into it. If you do the work, it should be obvious by now how fast you can expect to increase sales and grow your market exposure. 

Step 2: Industry Intelligence – Reduce the risk of a failed launch

Analyze your product or service to ensure the marketing features, sales collateral, and due diligence stand up to the demands of your buyer groups and potential distribution partners. 

Step 3: Distribution Strategy – Coordinated deployment 

Design your strategy for a staged release of your product or service to distribution partners in key target markets, optimized according to your objectives, milestones, and timelines. Put your deal together, coupled with a compelling structure with a logical rationale, for true scalability. This is all about strategically positioning your product or service so that it’s compelling to the prospective distribution partner. 

Step 4: Marketing Collateral – Provide quality material to partners

Plan and produce your digital marketing assets, decide on multilingual translation, and provide sales scripts and tools that your partners need to sell effectively. You know your business best. Think about your copy, digital and print media, your key documents, and all your supporting information. Think about how you can make these things easily accessible in the format, medium, or language your partners require. 

Step 5: Targeted Recruitment – Find the best, most capable partners

Use DistroChannels Target and penetrate your chosen markets with a combination of your search and selection of distribution partners combined with geo-targeted, sector-specific marketing to quickly build a network where it will be most effective. You can do this in just a few clicks!  

Step 6: Network Management – Relationship onboarding

Prepare to onboard both influencers and front-line management of all partner relationships. Plan to delegate business development to a specialist team or even an automated webinar or sales funnel working 24/7. (clickfunnels is great for this) Prepare your campaign brief, and set up systems on how you will keep track of payments made to influencer affiliates when the deals start flowing in. Preparation is vital so that you can operate smoothly and demonstrate your effectiveness, management, and subsequent reliability to your partners. 

Step 7: Product Training – Provide a self-paced online engagement and education program 

Provide in-depth training for distribution partners to turn them into your best brand ambassadors by continuously building their interest, knowledge, confidence, and commitment through a structured education program. Plan for in-person product training as a later-phased approach and reduce costs with online tools. A good example of this would be using multimedia online education programs and learning management systems. 

Step 8: Optimizing THEIR Marketing Campaigns

Remember that once your influencers have posted your content it’s organic reach will immediately start falling behind all the newer content being promoted. Offer to enhance the overall reach of the sponsored content. Your initial tracking data will allow you to identify which of your influencers sponsored organic content is doing well. Reach out and request to pay to boost the organic post to lookalike audiences if there is enough conversion tracking data. Boosting like this helps you really capitalize on the influencers audience within the agreed campaign time frame.

I discuss the variables of how to structure your business for influencer partnerships and distribution partners in my training program which you can check out HERE

Ready to launch? 

Then start your search for influencers who could match with your business, budget and goals with DistroChannels!