Get the Best Influencers For Your Business (And Manage Them) With a Few Clicks WITHOUT Hiring an Expensive Agency

In the world of influencer marketing, there are 3 main types of software solutions floating around to make life easier.

#1 Influencer search and selection 

These are essentially influencer databases (kinda like resume databases) that allow a user to search based on specific filtering criteria. You can search influencer profiles based on audience interests, follower numbers, engagement levels, demographics, country, state, and the list goes on. 

Examples: Upfluence, HYPR Brands, Grin, DistroChannels

# 2 Influencer marketplaces 

This type of software already has influencers active within their marketplaces. You may be picking from a smaller pool of potential candidates but at least you know everyone you reach out to (or who contacts you) will be open to business opportunities. 

Examples: Dealspotr, Famebit, IZEA

# 3 Influencer relationship management 

This type of software is useful for managing influencers you onboard and start working with. It’s essentially a CRM which is more tailored to influencers in that they promote features like reports on active engagement, sponsored post degradation and general reach and frequency of your campaign. 

Examples: Tapfluence, Traackr, Onalytica, DistroChannels

I would recommend working with influencer search and management platforms first…

From my own personal experience I find that marketplaces, while they are a fantastic idea, are not as fine tuned as you might like them to be! 

The problem I find is that the influencers who register with those platforms have usually signed up with every available platform out there which means your response rates are not usually great and, the responses you do get usually start with “how much are you going to pay me”… 

If you’re starting out I would recommend using DistroChannels because it’s simple and cheap. You can search for influencers based on your audience criteria, you can conduct your outreach and actively manage your network from within the application. 

DistroChannels provides all the analytics you need for cherry-picking your influencers and gives you strong reporting and success predictions on your entire network of active influencers. The bottom line, it’s simple, effective and a great place to start!