Getting Influencers (as Affiliates) to Actually Sell Your Stuff After They Agree to Promote…

In simple terms… It’s got to be easy for them to sell! 

Yep, that’s it in a nutshell. 

Your product should be easier for the influencer to sell your product or service. So you need to choose a person, business, or entity that has direct access to the customers you want. 

Think about what your influencers and your buyers actually want! 

What do your Influencers want? 

Your influencer as an affiliate or distributor is interested in value as far as opportunity cost, how much they can earn, how accessible the product or service is, and whether or not there is a demand for it.

What do buyers want? 

Your end-user is interested in whether or not they get what they were promised and the cost incurred to get that.

If you have a good product that pays the influencer enough money per sale, they will be eager to sell it for you since they already have an engaged audience, or a pool of clients and customers.

This applies to all influencers and distribution channel networks… 

Whether you are using resellers, affiliates, agents, or influencers as affiliates, recognize that it’s not simply a task of pawning the work off to just anyone. 

The job of selling your stuff needs to be easier for the influencer. Otherwise, they will have trouble selling it and become demotivated….

Keep in mind that you don’t own them, they are not your direct employees, and you must keep them motivated.

The ease of motivating your influencers to sell and promote is usually relative to how easy it is for them to make money selling your product or service. 

Remember that while you are looking at the total amount of sales you can make using distribution partners and influencers and calculating how much profit you can make… They are doing the same too! 

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