6 Steps to ACTUALLY Convert Clicks That Come From Your Influencers Audience!

Getting influencers and distribution partners is one thing. 

But have you considered what happens after your influencers say something like: 

“click the link in bio” 


“click the link in the description and use my coupon code for a discount”… 

Where do their clicks go? 

….Is your sales funnel good enough to convert that traffic?  

To help optimize the hard work they are doing on your behalf and to best serve their audience, let’s break down what makes a highly converting landing page. 

#1 Make sure your landing page is optimized for cellphones

Most of your influencers audience will be clicking through on their smartphones. Whatever you have waiting for them needs to be mobile optimized otherwise you will lose them in a heartbeat. 

#2 Have an attention grabbing  headline on your landing page 

Have a headline  that is catchy and in line with the message the infleuner was conveying. 

#3 Get their details (somehow)

Have them sign up, or register to access the offer. You can have them input the coupon code promoted by the influencer (or something like that) which is necessary to view the “deal”. This is important for tracking which influencer sent the lead and also for the essential follow up strategies you will use to make more sales. 

#4 Show them what they are going to get

What are you offering them? Are you asking them to subscribe, offering a deal, promoting a sale? Show what they are going to get clearly with imagery, product or service information and features and benefits relayed in short easy-to-read bullet points 

#5 Testimonials and more social proof

You’re running an influencer marketing campaign aren’t you? So take advantage of the ads your other influencers are creating and showcase the other influencers who are endorsing your product. 

#6 Your fortune is in the follow up

Use their contact information to stay in touch and build rapport with your new subscriber. You could take the informative approach and email them a sequence of newsletters or you could be regularly sending them similar offers you have to drive them back into your funnel. 

The point is you want the visitors on your landing page to take certain actions so you increase your conversion rates. 

Maybe they will buy right there and then, or maybe you need to follow up with them to achieve a conversion at a later date. 

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