Here’s How to Cultivate Solid Relationships With Your Influencers Partners

Nurturing and strengthening solid relationships with your influencers and distribution channel partners is essential to benefit from all the work you put into this business. 

You can’t afford to lose your network by being complacent! 

Look to develop and maintain strong relationships among your employees and your buyers. But with influencer marketing , it’s equally important to maintain those relationships with your influencers too. 

It’s easy to forget that they need attention since you are essentially sharing your profits with them… you’d think paying them is enough. Trust me, it isn’t!

The relationship you have with your distribution channel partners is absolutely essential to the success of your business…

Think about it… without them, you wouldn’t be selling at that level or in those markets. They are marketing your business, even if they are not doing a great job of closing deals… You are still benefiting from brand awareness that you would not otherwise have. 

When you start to experience success. 

As soon as you gain a little momentum, there comes a point when you take on competition… 

Other people and businesses catch on to what you are promoting and want a piece of the action. 

They may have a similar product and want to poach your influencers… or your influencers may want to make more money selling a more-expensive product since they already have the market. Or maybe, one of your employees steals your influencer and distribution partner list and tries to use it for something else! (unfortunately, that does happen) 

First and foremost, I’d make sure  that you have valid and enforceable contracts in place. I didn’t write about contract structure in my other blog articles for no reason! 

They serve as the backbone of what’s to come.

But also focus on building and maintaining the relationships with your entire network, which should always be at the forefront of your mind throughout this journey.

Here are 3 golden rules for maintaining ongoing relationships with yout influencers

Rule 1 – Meet in person

The first and easiest thing you can do is to meet them in person. Definitely use phone and video calls to keep tabs, but meeting them face-to-face shows them that you value them, and that they are important to your business.

Rule 2 – Open line of communication

Your network must be able to contact you with questions or even for a casual chat. Having an  open line of communication is essential to any relationship. Since your influencers and distribution channel partners help you make money, make it a priority to be available to them. 

Rule 3 – Support them

Provide hands-on assistance and help them sell or promote. Being available in this way is beneficial for both of you because: 

a) It shows them how involved you are. 

b) It provides you an opportunity to have casual dialogue with them. 

c) You can really get to know your channel partners from the inside out.

To be successful in retaining your distribution channel partners, remember the fact that you need distributors more than the distributors need you. So make sure you nurture and support your network. 

Was that helpful? 

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