How to Keep Your Influencers And Distribution Partners Working With You

First of all, you must keep your partners excited. 

You want your influencers and distribution partners to have the easiest time possible when selling or promoting your brand. They should feel that it’s easy, rewarding, and safe, knowing that their customers and connections are getting exactly what they want.

The idea is to nurture, nurture, nurture. 

So, think about how you can help them achieve that. For example, if they are struggling, let them know what’s working well for your other influencers. 

Be consistent with interactions revolving around training and education, coupled with future pacing and keeping them informed about what’s on the horizon. You can do this through things like events, creating new products or services, new variations, complementary products or services, and special offers.

Quick tip: A lot of active influencers promoting your offer creates a lot of brand awareness, so you will likely receive a lot of direct inquiries and sales too. This presents an excellent opportunity, and I swear by the following approach. Rather than keep the direct deals yourself, pass them on to your network. Keep your influencers loving you. 

It’s okay to provide some easy wins to your best or perhaps even struggling distributors. Make them feel valued because sometimes throwing a few easy wins their way further strengthens their relationship with you! 

Understanding the fickle nature of your network.

Unfortunately, Influencers are also notoriously fickle. They will always be open to taking on another competing product, much like the way they started working for you! 

All they need is a solid pitch and good margins to work with.

This becomes especially true as they start establishing dominance in their own markets and become more empowered. They are probably earning a lot of money and marketing to build their own businesses and are now thinking about how they can make even more by selling other complementary products.

So, it’s critical that you structurally and contractually enforce as much as is reasonable with the agreement you have with your influencers.

But, on the flipside… 

Depending on your business, you may not care about restricting your engaged influencers from taking on other products. As long as they are not abandoning your product or service, why not let them grow their market dominance and, in doing so, giving your product or service more exposure to new markets you have not tapped into yet! 

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