How to Scale up Your Business Fast When Working With Influencers And Other Distribution Partners

This is about what you should have in place in order to grow and scale your business.

In my recent blog posts, I have been explaining what you should be looking at when evaluating whether the ‘structure’ of your ‘deal’ is suitable and ready to be scaled up. 

We want to further reduce the risk of a failed launch and now look at how your business, product, service or idea can be sold in vast quantities. 

Doing your homework and preparation here really helps make adoption of your product or service an easier process when approaching distribution channel partners.

This is stage 3 of my 4 step evaluation process called the DSSD method which stands for Deal, Structure, Scale and Distribute. 

Here are some of the questions you should start asking yourself. Answering them will give you a real strategy for taking your product to market fast! 

SCALABILITY – Can it be sold in vast quantities? 

  1. What are your cost implications?
  2. Is there enough profit margin to allow other people to sell it for you? 
  3. Can production scale up to match demand?
  4. Is brand presence and social media engagement up to par? 
  5. Have you defined the staged release of your product or service to distribution partners in key target markets. 
  6. How will you position the business as an authority and credible expert within niche industry influencers. 
  7. How will you drive responses from the web, social media and affiliate distribution channels? 
  8. What type of marketing automation programs will you use to retarget, nurture leads and maintain scheduled email broadcasts?
  9. Have you defined how you will find and acquire the best, most capable distribution partners? 

If you have covered the points in my previous articles about evaluating your Deal and Structure and feel confident that your offer is well positioned and has the capacity to Scale, then you are ready to move on to the final stage, Distribution!

So, the next set of posts I’ll be writing will cover points you should seriously consider when scaling your business using Influencers and other distribution partners. 

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