One CRAFTY Strategy For Turning Top Influencers Into Long Term Brand Ambassadors And MASSIVELY Increasing Social Media Engagement

As far as retention is concerned it’s super important to build your brand presence and social media engagement. Easier said than done… right! 

I have been using one tactic for many years and whenever I’ve been able to implement it, I’ve seen fantastic results. 

First off, the setup… (you probably already do this)

If you haven’t already, I would heavily suggest creating your own branding and marketing pack which you give any influencer or distributor you work with. 

These are the materials which your influencers and distribution channel partners can use to sell directly to their audience/customers. Sometimes they are samples of your products, and other times they are lots of content, imagery, videos, media, etc. 

They are essentially acting on behalf of your business (or the business you represent) so it’s best practice to provide them with everything they need to deliver on YOUR goals…. Just like you would if you were hiring someone. 

The good news is that your influencers and distributors can be worldwide, so you benefit from the mix of marketing strategies and styles they each use to promote your business. 

They will be tapping into various countries in multiple languages, using whatever the most effective social platforms and marketing channels are in their market and with their audience. (isn’t that the whole point if using influencers in the first place) 

Now when you factor in 10s, 20s and 100s of influencers / distributors promoting at the same time your business benefits immensely from ALL of that recognition and brand awareness which makes it so much easier for your business to gain acceptance in those specific markets. 

They are all demonstrating their faith in your brand and that will spillover into their audiences. 

Here where the next opportunity arises… 

Sometimes, you find that your more serious influencers and distribution partners need to rebrand or edit your promotional material to suit their requirements, relating to their own prospecting. But the product stays the same and so will most of the information.

Your priority of course, is to increase your customer base and sell fast to make lots of money (duh!). Whereas, their priority is to be able to sell quickly and easily realize those sales through their established audience or network of clients and get paid quickly.

Here’s the tactic! 

When one of my influencers or distribution partners is willing, I suggest that they brand or rebrand under my business… 

Work with me here. This could be as simple as giving them a company email under the guise of it being useful for closing customers, without the worry of them trying to circumvent the influencer and go directly to the business to make purchases. This can and does happen, by the way!

But company emails are one thing. You can also label someone as an exclusive brand ambassador in the influencer world. 

By adopting your brand, avoid customer circumvention and they benefit from all the recognition and brand awareness your ENTIRE distribution channel is helping to build. 

Yes, they benefit not just from your brand awareness efforts, but by the efforts of ALL the other influencers you have promoting. 

  1. This will give the influencer/distributor a greater presence in their respective markets. So, this strategy is clearly beneficial for them in making more sales. 
  2. It is then also HARDER for them to disengage with you or take on a different product or service since they are now so heavily embedded. 

No you have a longer term brand ambassador who is promoting your brand (maybe even exclusively) which is massively increasing social media engagement. 

Plus other influencers and distributors who love your brand and are selling your products will also be wanting the same brand ambassador benefits. You can easily start capitalizing on that too! 

For example, you can use it as an earned reward for top performers or you can even have them pay for the privilege. There are so many options…

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