Planning to Work With Influencers Around The World?

Here’s my advice on how to deal with translation. It’s really simple…

The good news is that your influencers and distributors can be worldwide, so you benefit from the mix of marketing styles they each use to promote your business. 

In order for your brand to gain acceptance internationally you should take advantage of working with local influencers in those markets. Look for an influencer who speaks the primary language in those areas so the connection feels more authentic for your target market.

But, testing the waters is one thing. Spending a lot of money on professional translation is another thing altogether. 

As soon as you engage with international influencers and distribution partners you will have to decide on whether you will provide multilingual translation so that they can sell more effectively…  

My advice… Let them do it first. 

Then follow up with providing professionally translated material if they actually do a good job penetrating that market! 

To ease this process, a good tip would be to provide a lot of visual content to your influencers. 

Using video and good photos will generally make it easier to convey your sales message. For example, almost everyone understands the meaning of emojis so use them to your advantage! 

Making it easier for influencers to work with you (all around the world) will be amazing for your businesses overall recognition and brand awareness. 

When to pay for top-notch translators?

Once your marketing has demonstrated an acceptable level of market penetration and you can see the opportunity become real. This is now the time to really invest and professionally translate a multitude of sales collateral.

But don’t be cheap and rely on translation software – that will backfire when your ads read like they were written by a 6 year old (and they will if you go that route) 

Following this try-before-you-buy strategy will make it so much easier and cost-effective for your business to gain acceptance in other countries. 

Your next step for finding influencers around the world?

If you’re ready to start working with Influencers and distribution partners on a global basis you should check out DistroChannels

The software is really useful in helping you get your product in front of influencers relevant to your target audience in any industry, any country, on any topic in seconds.