Pricing Hack to Have Influencers Lining up to Work With You.

The 2 really great advantages of using influencers, affiliates and other types of distribution partners. 

  1. Lots of sales

By using influencers to promote and sell your product or service allows you to reach a hyper engaged and targeted audience and unexplored potential customers.  

  1. Great for brand awareness

While those influencers are promoting your offer, you are also benefiting from the fact that they are conveying their trust and confidence in your business to their audience. 

So to get this ball rolling we need to think about one of the factors that gets influencers to work with you and their audience purchasing your offer. 

Pricing is key

You will want to have a well priced offer which gives you enough of a profit margin in each sale to incentivise other people (influencers) to sell your stuff for you! 

Try and structure your business with a product or service which has enough profit margin to slice up. This will give you more power in your influencer network – The bigger the profit margin, the more you can afford to pay out, which means the more power and influence YOU have!

To be clear I’m not saying you need to have really expensive, high ticket offers.

In fact, my experiences have shown me that lower price points means a product offering is more accessible to the masses and therefore more acceptable to an influencer. 

I am also not saying to undervalue what you offer, I’m just saying you should carefully look at the pricing of your offer…  As long as there is a profit you can focus on volume, those little slices of profit you retain add up pretty quickly – slices make a loaf! 

Volume adoption is key

Think about the herd mentality. The perceived value of an offer is usually a lot higher if there are lots of people promoting it and a lot of people buying it. 

A good idea is to set up a subscription business which means continuity payments for both you and the influencer. Everyone loves monthly recurring income!