SECRET REVEALED: How to Run Your Influencer Network on AUTOPILOT…

Have you heard about Multi-tier Influencer marketing?

Let me explain… I’m not referring to illegal schemes like pyramid schemes, although many people confuse the two. MLMs are legitimate ways to sell without incurring large marketing fees, and frankly, they follow the same model as most traditional businesses. 

I’m talking about creating a hierarchy of Influencers who can find you sub-influencers. That way, they start taking responsibility to ensure sales. 

Ask Influencers to find you sub-influencers

Once you get your influencer marketing and distribution channel up and running, you will find it extremely profitable to have other influencers bring on sub-influencers as affiliates. 

This Multi-tier affiliate marketing strategy is incredibly powerful. Your influencers as affiliates are paid a percentage of the commissions of the new influencers they recruit. 

When you start connecting with larger influencers you will find that they usually know other influencers who would be great fits to join your distribution channel and have an immediate impact.

This strategy closely resembles employee referral programs in traditional businesses and gives you many of the same benefits, which include the following:

  1. You get higher quality influencers. 
  2. You decrease the time to acquire influencers.
  3. There is a decrease in influencer turnover rates.
  4. The cost of acquiring an influencer is reduced.

Your network starts to self regulate and run on autopilot! 

If you notice, this also has some self-regulating measures built-in….

Your influencer or distribution partner who recruits multiple sub-influencers, sub-affiliates, sub-distributors, will likely do all the management necessary to motivate them and keep them actively selling. 

Why? Because your influencers as affiliates are paid a percentage of the commissions of the new influencers they recruit. The more active sub-influencers they recruit, the more they earn… 

This is really where you start feeling the snowball effect! 

You can have hundreds of influencers and distributing partners all marketing and promoting for you while under the management of other influencers in your network. 

In some cases, this network can actually become a completely self-regulating money-making machine.

The achilles heel with Multi-tier Influencer marketing…

For this to work well (as far as I can see) provided you have an affiliate program or a business with a suitable offer that provides enough of a percentage in commissions to play with.  

I discuss the variables of how to structure your business for influencer partnerships and distribution partners in my Influencer Blueprint which you can get HERE

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